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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superhero Momtrepreneur of the Day #2

Superhero Momtrepreneur #2- Cheri Sussman: Dottie Dandelion and The Starlight Project

Cherie Sussman is a true Superhero Momtrepreneur. From day one she has always had a passion to help others which led to her first personal endeavor Dottie Dandelion. She didn't stop there... Cherie and husband Craig recently started a wonderful nonprofit organization titled  The StarLight Project

Dottie Dandelion is a personalized baby boutique. Dottie Dandelion is a little girl who loves dancing in her tutu and frolicking in her garden of dandelions. Dottie's mission is to bring a whimsical feeling to every piece she designs and to make sure every child is dancing with their dandelions. Every item in her line has been named after someone special in her life. Dottie has expanded her line of girls clothing and now has a Dottie Duke line to give all the boys some love... which is just plane adorable! Dottie's creativity shines in all that she does. 

Cherie has found time to balance being a Superhero mom to baby girl Eden, her children's boutique and now The Starlight Project. The StarLight Project is a nonprofit organization that was created in memory of Craig's beloved father, Jeff Sussman and Cherie's grandparents Pauline and Arnold Lederer. Cherie and Craig are committed to enhancing the lives of children with special needs by creating custom-made dream bedrooms. Since the home enviornment is a crucial piece of childhood development, they aim to create the ultimate learning, playing, and relaxing atmosphere inside the child's home. They have created a dedicated team that works closely with the families and therapists to transform the child's bedroom into a special place for them to learn, grow and SHINE!

Between Dottie and her whimiscial design and The Starlight Project... helping make children twinkle is what The Sussman Family does well. They are sure to make dreams come true in all that they do. 

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