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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Story Behind The Tres Amigos Playgroup

Finding out that I was pregnant was the most exciting thing to ever happen to my husband and I. Sharing this exciting news with my family and friends was just as thrilling.  

As my pregnancy journey continued, one by one my phone would ring with news that yet another one of my friends was pregnant too. Little did I know, two of my childhood friends would both be having boys too.  At some point in our pregnancies we made a pact to always find a way to get together, catch up and of course watch our 3 boys grow up. Although we all lived in different cities, had completely different schedules and have formed different friendships, we knew we would always share a bond with our 3 boys and they would forever be 'The Tres Amigos.' 

And so... our playgroup begins at mi casa...

The theme I choose was based on one of my new favorite books I've been reading to Bradley titled, Apple Park: The Picnic Pals Book No. 1; which is all about Picnic Pals going on an adventure teaching children about the environment, living a healthy lifestyle and the value of friendship. As an elementary school teacher, the wheels started turning on the many ways to make teaching moments with the positive message this book sent. 

This was also right around the time I started to fall in love with Pinterest, which is where I found tons of ideas for my theme.  Between crafts, food and decor, I had the vision of what I wanted in my head and I got right to work on planning the first of many Tres Amigos playgroups. 

Activity 1: Apple Tree Handprints

You will need:

white cardstock paper
red washable ink pad
green washable ink pad
Wipes to clean baby's hands
colored pencils/markers/crayons

Activity 2: Sensory Bottles (tons of variations to this idea)

You will need:

clear empty plastic bottles
hot glue gun
assortment of items ex: beads, glitter, sea shells, etc 

Fun with Food: 

1. Inspired from Apple Park: The Picnic Pals Book No.1quackers, bananas, honey and carrots 

1. 2.  3.                              4. 5.6.

7. 8.9.

Stay tuned for guest bloggers Jessica and Gina as they share details and pictures about their Tres Amigos Themed Playgroup. 

I often wonder who has more fun the mommies or the babies?

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  1. What a sweet group. Excited to see more of your posts!