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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Guest Blogger Gina with The Tres Amigos Playgroup

Each month the Tres Amigos play group gets together for a time of laughs, crafts, food and LOVE, so it only seemed fit that for the month of February I would do a Valentine's Day themed playdate!!! I absolutely ADORE the following quote..."Friends Uplift the Soul" true is that? Stop and think about it, where would we be without the patience, respect and love of our friends? No matter how old you are (6 months old, 10 years old or 50 years old), you always NEED friends! This playdate was extra special because baby Peyton was in town visiting. 

With that said, I wanted to make February's playgroup one to remember centered around both the kids and mommies!!! The mommies enjoyed bagels with all of the fixings, a yogurt parfait bar, 3 different types of muffins (chocolate, strawberry and blueberry), along with cheese (cut into the shapes of hearts from a cookie cutter) and crackers. Oh and who could forget the strawberry fruit dip with fresh fruit? Can we say YUM??? I set up my island with all of the gnash surrounded by hearts of all sizes made out of construction paper. While the mommies enjoyed their spread, the kiddos enjoyed some fresh milk in their bottles along with some good ole organic puffs. They were in HEAVEN! HEEHEE! 


After our bellies were full, we moved onto the craft table where the table was set with a red tablecloth, crafts and over sized Hershey kisses made out of rice crispie treats (came from Pinterest). Each kid made a Valentine's Day picture frame, complete with a picture of themselves! They also made "Love Goggles"....super cute idea (Thank you for the idea). These were created with cut outs of hearts that were laminated. You then hole punch a hole on each side of the hearts, thread some pipecleaner through an made LOVE goggles. Unfortunately, our very active kids were not fans of keeping them on, so the moms sported the goggles. 

Our party was finished with each kid passing out Valentine cards that they made for their friends. It was a great day full of love, laughs and memories for years to come! 

xoxo Gina 


  1. Looks like a great playdate! Love the last photo :) New follower from bloggy moms, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at
    Have a great evening!

  2. Thanks so much. Following you now too! :)