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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet Guest Blogger Jessica with the Tres Amigos Playgroup

The Tres Amigos playdate at my house was themed SNOWFLAKES because of the holiday time of year. We all celebrate a different holiday and I wanted a united theme so we can all celebrate together. Snowflakes are fun, sparkly and every single one is different and unique, just like our boys. 

We decorated cookies shaped as snowflakes from cookie cutters that I found. We used blue and white icing as well as silver sprinkles..they were yummy in my tummy! 

We also made snowflake mobiles with glitter, glue and colored cotton balls from Michael's and The Dollar Store. The boys loved to touch the different textures.


When it came time for lunch of course the theme had to be carried through, everything was white and blue. We even had tortillas cut into snowflakes that we used for our chicken and white cheese quesadillas. 

I always look forward to our Tres Amigos playdates. Everyone is so creative with their themed get togethers. Its amazing to watch our children grow and I love spending time with great friends! Love you girls!!! Until next time... can't wait!

 xoxo Jessica 

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