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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Time is Fun Time with the Tres Amigos Playgroup

What better way to show your child the wonders of the world then by playing outdoors. Inspire your kids to love nature at a young age. Spring time is the perfect time to do just that... 

Luke, Mason and Bradley = The Tres Amigos 

By Guest Blogger, Jessica 

The Tres Amigos started their playgroup when they were all just little seeds in our belly's... Their friendships have continued to blossom as are our monthly playdates & creative art projects do too. Spring time is here so we wanted to get down and dirty, while also taking advantage of some fun in the sun. We always theme our activities and keep them inexpensive so anyone can do it. We hope our creativity will inspire you and your friends to start a playgroup and craft projects too.

Project 1: Plant Flower Seeds


Bradley and Mommy working hard on their flower garden. 
Mason helping Mommy water all the new gardens. 

Items Needed:
1 pot
flower seeds
children's gardening tools
watering can

**cost $5.00 (All items purchased from the dollar store.)

Extension Activity: 

For older kids, you can make a daily watering chart that your child checks off after he or she waters their plants. 

Project 2: Painting Bird Feeders

Luke helping Mommy paint polka dots on the bird house.
Our Masterpieces!!! 

Items Needed:
1 bird house
paint brushes
glitter pens
bird food

** Cost $ 4.00 (All items purchased from the dollar store.)

Extension Activity: 

Use recycled materials around the house to make your bird house from scratch.

Read nonfiction books about birds and do research on the birds that live in your area.

Have kids snack on the same foods birds eat like different types of seeds, fruits and vegetables.


What are some other ideas that you can think of for extensions to these WONDERful spring time crafts?

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  1. Oh hello! Heh. Small world. I know Luke and his mommy! It's so great for moms to have friendship bonds that form early. I hope it lasts for all three -- er, six of you!