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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Product Review: Special Tex

CleanSeat + Clean House = Happy Mommy

Who has a toddler that just loves to make a mess when they eat? I DO! 
And who is the lucky one that gets to clean it up every day? I DO!

Well, these products are perfect for helping make the clean-up process faster and easier. 

As parents of 4, the SpecialTex family found that their high chairs, dining chairs and car seats needed protection from food, spills, dirt and moisture. Out of their frustration, they decided to design a line of products that were like towels but easier to use and more effective at protecting.

The top layer of their products have soft terry velour and the bottom layer of material is waterproof nylon. These products all make life simpler because they eliminate time consuming clean-ups. Each product is made in high quality fabrics, which are all machine washable.
Fitness Towel Protector
High Chair Protector
Dining Chair Protector
Car Seat Cover Protector

Advice: Wash everything once before using it!!!

So its been over a week since I've had all my products and I think my favorite thus far is the dining chair protector. My son hates highchairs since he was an infant and I learned very quickly that I needed a plan B. That is when I discovered a WONDERful portable booster seat. Since this is the only thing he sits in, both outside the house and inside, it tends to get a little messier then a typical highchair. With that being said, the dining chair protector has been a huge help. Its easy to use, catches all of his food, and absorbs his spills. Best part I just take it off and throw it in the wash after and my nice upholstered chairs stay clean and new! 

This is a definite necessity for every household!!! 

They also have a Duds for Suds line of terry cloth baby products such as hooded towels, wash clothes, and baby robes which would make adorable, personalized baby gifts.

liked that the towel dimensions were large enough for my 14 month to have his entire body covered. Although the bath rob was adorable, my son didn't love wearing it. :(

All Special Tex products are sold on their website or Amazon. You can also find them in local baby stores. 

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  1. Everyday is a messy moment in our house. My toddler never eats sitting still. She has to be standing, sitting, walking around, shifting her position, or crawling under the table!

    1. I totally agree. My son loves having a piece of food in each hand while walking around the house.. Bite a piece, drop a piece, bite a piece, drop a piece...