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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sesame Street-- Through the Eyes of Bradley

Have you ever wanted to just jump right inside the little ever growing brain of your child-- even for just a split second to see what they are thinking? Have you ever WONDERed what they would say if they were able to talk? 

They say once you have a baby it's all about them, so for my birthday it was only fitting that we celebrated with family at Sesame Street Safari of Fun at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. It's never too early to instill WONDER in your child's life. 

In spite of the rain, we all had an incredible day and it makes me think, what it would be like to be 1 again? Not a care in the world, not even realizing how many people love and care about you. And always bringing smiles to everyone you look at... 

From the minute we stepped foot into the park, a sense of nostalgia came over me and I'm sure everyone else would have probably agreed too. My cousin and I were jumping up and down like school girls, when we saw Elmo and Big Bird posing for pictures. 

After that, we went to see the show, A is for Africa, where all the characters sing and dance around you. The feeling I felt was indescribable when I turned to look at my son. All he was doing was clapping, smiling and watching the characters perform on stage. My dad said, it was more fun to go as a grandparent then any other time before.

After the show, we Dined with Elmo and Friends and got to meet Burt, Ernie and the rest of the crew. OMG you would have thought I was meeting a Rock Star when Cookie Monster came to say hi to us.

Who was your favorite Sesame Street character?

It is memories like this that last a lifetime. Although my son will probably never remember this experience except from the 1000+ pictures we took; I will forever remember it! My 31st birthday being spent with my lil man smiling, laughing, clapping, waving, blowing kisses and pointing to all the characters and animals we saw on our journey. This is what embodies being a kid.

As we loaded up the car for the 4 hour drive ahead of us, Bradley still had a big smile on his face before he peacefully fell asleep while hugging his Elmo doll. 

Have you ever had a similar experience?

What memories did you experience that will forever leave a smile on your heart?


  1. Such a fun way to celebrate your birthday and Bradley's first theme park!! We can't wait to go there.

  2. WOW! What a fun and exciting time! Thanks for giving me the urge to take Luke! XO