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Friday, April 27, 2012

The 'Dad-chelor' Party, by: Kyle Rivera

This blog goes out to all the mommy's and daddy's to be...

Having a difficult time coming to grips with the reality of having your first child?

WONDERing how you are still going to find 'me' time? Leave it to Kyle Rivera to find a way to celebrate her husband being a first time father... 


Once you pee on a stick and you see the little plus sign or if you went digital and you saw the word “pregnant”, your life has immediately changed.  Not only has your body now become home for a little bean (or beans), but an incredible amount of attention is coming your and your belly’s way! It is so easy to forget, or neglect, your hubby or partner during this time.  Throughout your pregnancy your body is changing, your mind is racing; to compensate your friends and family are worrying and doting on you.  Gifts, cards, lunches, and the best part; showers!!!

So enough about you, it’s time to direct the attention to the other half who was involved in this whole process of conception.  You know; the guy rubbing your feet, bringing you dinner, gaining weight along with you, telling you that your weight gain is all normal… the dad!! He has had a 50% stake in this bean(s), and so far, you are the only one getting any attention.  I mean, at your shower it was his job to bring you flowers and load the gifts in your car… Need I say more?! His whole job in this process, is to make you feel comfortable and pretty 

Well, when I was pregnant all I could think about was “what am I going to do to make this special for him?”. So, I planned a “dad-chelor” party.  Yes, a dad-chelor party, for my first time dad. His last night out without a human alarm clock, party!

First plan of attack, recruit friends: This will be the easiest of all your tasks.  All guys look forward to a “guys’ night” and this was perfect!  (Especially since the second thing on the list was getting a van/transportation to and from said “dad-chelor” party.)

For my hubby’s, I told him I was planning a dinner and when we showed up to his friend’s house all his boys were there.  I then had a van show up to transport the soon to be “dad” and all his drunken friends.  I had a reservation with pre-paid drinks and apps at a restaurant downtown.  Of course, I had two friends in on the plan, and they led the party to a nearby bar that had a bottle of my hubby’s favorite liquor with a box of “It’s a boy” cigars.  I am pretty certain it was an amazing night.  

Needless to say, this party was not revisited for my daughter, who is our second child.  Though, this was a very special night for my “baby daddy” and one him and his friends will never forget.  He is an amazing dad to both my kids and is one fabulous husband, and there should never be a day whether my kids are in utero or making their way in this world that he should feel un-included, so I needed to make sure he had a little time in my 9+ months of harboring our child that was his and his alone.

Listen ladies, do this! Not only will every one of your hubby’s friends be envious that he has you as a wife, more importantly your husband will never forget it or will ever want to let you go!  It’s win/win, and once the baby comes you know these nights will be seldom.  Give him a night, just for him, with all the attention. You know he deserves it, and not only that he will know just how much you appreciate all he does for you and your growing family! 


So, who's thinking about planning their hubby the next Dad-chelor Party? 


  1. Love this idea Kyle, you're so creative. Let's not forget the adult cakes from Happy Eatings at the party. :-)

  2. so what all did you do for the party besides friends and van\

  3. so what all did you do for the party besides friends and van\