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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Product Review: iMommy App

iLove iMommy

As a child there was nothing I loved more then 'pretend' play, and now, kids can 'pretend' play at their finger tips with just a simple touch. 

In the 90's, technology was booming and they came up with the idea of children learning responsibility by taking care of virtual pets called Tamagachi. Years later, they had Webkinz. The idea was to be able to take care of your stuffed animal pet virtually. And now, there is a baby simulation called iMommy... 

The focus of the iMommy game is to design and interact with your customized baby, the player can choose 4 different ethnicities of a baby then change their babies hair, eyes and even outfit color. It’s up to them to take care of their baby and learn what makes the baby happy and what upsets them.  They have to feed, play, bathe and change the babies diaper! There are six different charming environments in which you can interact with your baby; bathtub, changing mat, picnic in the park, kitchen, crib, and playroom.
It is a fun, interactive, educational app. It would be a perfect app for kids who might be expecting a new sibiling after being the only child for so long. It would definitely teach them the responsibility that goes into caring for a baby. This game is ideal for kids ages 2-10 but of course all ages can play. iTunes rated iMommy the TOP 100 app in the family category!

My son is only 1, but he loves looking at the colorful graphics on the iPad and enjoys touching the different objects and listening to the real life sound effects. I even enjoy pointing out the different color splashes in the beginning. I know he will love to play this interactive game even when he is a few months older. 

Kathy Shimmield is the creator of iMommy. She developed this game with her children in mind.  Her two youngest kids were especially interested in playing ‘Mom’ and it occurred to her that such a universal game as ‘pretend’ parental play, would translate into a great app.  After searching the app store, she was surprised to find no apps that addressed this type of imaginative play for young children.  After many months of research and determination, iMommy was born! 

iMommy is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
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