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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

eBook Review: Mamatography- Photo Basics and Beyond

Capturing your Mamatography Moments

I had the pleasure of meeting Vicky Scesa, founder of Mamatography Photo Workshops, and I absolutely loved her concept, enthusiasm and drive to use her talent to teach others. 

Ever since my son was born, I have taken over a 1,000 pictures of him...on my iphone that is.  Although I have a nicer camera, its just so easy, but as you know the quality isn't as good. The fact is, every mom is a mamatographer- we all are taking photos of our kids on so many differnet levels.  

With todays technology booming and gadgets improving each day, Vicky's eBook- Photo Basics and Beyond, is the perfect camera bag companion. She is definitely the go to person that will teach you how to take shots of your babies faster than they can crawl away! 

This eBook is easy to understand, even for the photographer dummy like me. The text features in the eBook are WONDERful, it breaks everything down for you in an easy to understand way.

Don't waste any time, start capturing those moments on the camera that will last a lifetime.

Happy Shooting! 

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