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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"A" is for Apple: Tres Amigos celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Written by: Gina 

I can't even begin to explain my excitement when I found out that it was my turn to host Tres Amigos right before Rosh Hashanah- The Jewish New Year. Although we are Christians in my household, I chose to do "A is for Apple/Shana Tova" party for many reasons... As a mom I feel it is important to educate my son on different cultures, religions and heritages. After all, we could all thrive on being tolerant of others. :-) I've also ALWAYS been intrigued by Judaism. I absolutely LOVE everything about it and enjoy educating myself and others on the traditions. So with that said, here is Tres Amigos' Shana Tova party!!!

-Challah with honey nut cream cheese 
-Apples N Honey (For a sweet New Year)
-Homemade Apple Strudel Muffins
-Noodle Kugel
-Dried Apples
-Cucumber water
-Apple Harvest Punch


Homemade RED playdough-

Rosh Hashanah Apple book-
-Apple Book (Michaels-$1.50; Apple scrapbook paper, mod podge, paint brush, apple stickers, Rosh Hashanah symbols)
*Trace the apple book onto the scrapbook paper, cut out and glue with mod podge, Using the Rosh Hashanah symbols, cut out and glue onto the pages. You can even write under the picture what it is and why it is used. Decorate with stickers. Your child now has their own homemade book for years to come.

Bumble Bee Thumb Prints- (Since Bee's make HONEY)

-Black construction paper, yellow paint, popscicle stick, white crayon
*Using your thumb and your child's thumb, dip your thumb into the yellow paint. Using your thumbs, place them all over the black paper creating "bees". Use your popsicle stick to create the lines on the bees body. Finish by drawing the wings and antennas on your bees. You now have a collage of yours and your child's thumb print bumble bees!

Apple Tree-
-Beige construction paper, green paper, brown paper, glue, scissors, poem, 10 small red pom poms
*Trace your child's foot on the brown paper for the stump of the tree. Then trace your child's hand on the green paper for the top of the tree. Glue the stump and top of the tree on the beige construction paper. Then glue the red pompoms onto the tree. Lastly, glue the poem onto the beige paper.

1 Amigo
3 Amigo
2 Amigo

Thank you to Jayme and Dominic for coming down from Orlando to visit with us and share in the fun!

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  1. It looks like you and the kiddos had a good time, definitely one of my favorite holidays. Also, I love any excuse to dip apples in honey...a winning combination!