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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Embracing New Mommyhood: A Sensory How-to Project

Written by: Alexis Cobo

I am a recently 30 something educator, wife, and most importantly mommy who loves to learn and grow with everyone around me. I am OBSESSED with all things food (baking and cooking), technology (I teach 3 year olds – 5th graders computer classes), and am a HUGE sports fanatic (GO GATORS)! While I have had the privilege of being a step-mom to two beautiful girls (aka The Ladybugs), I recently became a new mama to the love of my life, 7 month old Ilan Daniel. Like all of you Wonder Mommies out there, my mission is to give my children and husband the best of me that I can, while laughing and loving them every step of the way!

Thank you so much to our head WM, Amy, for giving me the chance to guest blog! As a mommy of three I am always looking for ways to make a dollar go a long way. So today’s activity included a trip to one of my favorite stores, Home Depot, and lots of creativity, we made a sensory board!

First, I must give credit to the WONDERful world of Pinterest for sparking my curiosity as to how to make a sensory board; and second to my friend and fellow new mommy, Ariel, for posting a picture of her completed sensory board on facebook!

Now for the “how-to” make a sensory board:

1. Shop for supplies! Try to find items with different textures and purposes; like link chains for grabbing and making noise and carpet samples (which are FREE), double sided sponges, nuts and bolts (for a DIY abacus), and textured tiles.

2. Pick out the type of board you want. I chose a “peg” board for easier attachment of the materials.

3. Lay out all your goodies on the board.

4. Start attaching! I used gorilla glue and tie wraps.

5. All finished! Time for Mr. Ilan to play.


An infant spends the majority of his or her first year of life learning through TACTILE experiences. To help increase your baby's exposure to these experiences, provide them with differnt tactile activities. 

Variety of textures, exploring their indoor and outdoor environment, assortment of toys and of course messy activities will all help your baby learn new things. 

Comment and share with us some sensory activities that you've made for your child. 

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