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Monday, July 9, 2012

Picture This! Grand Fan Giveaway!!!

Thank you so much to my 1,000+ Facebook Fans!!! Wonder Mommy's 5 month success could not have been possible without all of you!

As a thank you, for your continued support I have teamed up with many WONDERful businesses and bloggers to offer you an amazing photography themed GIVEAWAY!!!

We will be announcing 3 WINNERS next Wednesday morning!

That's me and my blog! 
Shutterfly Gift Card- $25 value 

offers LIVE webinars to anyone, anywhere via video conferencing AND locally in Delray Beach, Florida
Photo Basics Webinar or (local) Photo Class & Photo Basics eBook- $100 value

Specializing in family, maternity and newborn photography.
Photo Shoot with digital images (local)- $550 value

A thirty-something year old mom who loves to share the things she learn about and sells Stella and Dot Jewelry. Pellerini Proclaims is her release!  
Stella and Dot Gift Card for mom to find that special piece of jewelry for the next family photo shoot- $50 value

This is a home-based business selling handmade baby/ children's photo props and gifts on esty
 Crochet Carrot $40 value & Crochet Green Been $30 value (size 3 months)
Specializing in Personalized Baby Gifts including blankets, quilts, hooded towels and keepsakes.
Brown Dot 5x7 Picture Frame $22 value
Zippyz, by Little Trendyz are patent pending ultra soft organic cotton and bamboo footed rompers that zip from the foot to the belly. Unlike other rompers with a zipper all the way to the neck, Zippyz, allow you to keep your baby's chest covered and warm, while making diaper changes quick and easy.
Be one of the featured local photo models (age 0-12 months) 

York Photo-
The home of online digital photo printing, photo sharing, and a wide range of personalized photo gifts that you can make from your photos.
11x14 Canvas Wall Art $44.99 Value

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  1. i love taking pics of my daughter with our dog and how they interact as she gets older

  2. I love following kids around taking pictures because they do such cute things when you least expect it!

  3. I love the iPhone, it allows me to take pictures and post in real time! My online photo albums allow me to organize my sons' pictures by age. It's easy to search through the pictures and remember their special moments!

  4. So glad to work with you on this awesome giveaway, Wonder Mommy Amy! If you love Photography, stop by the Mamatography blog for Free photo tips:
    Happy Shooting, Vicky
    Mamatography Photo Workshops

  5. My little man Ilan is living proof of the saying "where there's a will there's a way.." my quest for mommy hood was filled with many challenges that left me feeling like I would never make it emotionally or physically. Now that I can hold my almost 6 month old miracle in my arms, I want to make every moment last forever. So I take pictures and share them, probably too many, with the world so maybe they can feel a tiny bit of what I feel everyday--joy, unconditional love, and endless blessings for becoming a mommy to this gorgeous little boy,

  6. Let's just say that my iPhone is currently I need of purchase of more storage because I have taken the max amount of picture and videos it will allow me to take. Love my kids and snapping their pic:)

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  7. I have an iphone 4. When I first got it, my grown daughters had gotten one too. We have thousands and thousands of pictures of their children. My iphone is out all the time. I am a grandmamarazzi.

  8. I am not a mamarazzi. I would rather live the moments than spend them behind a camera.

  9. I am a total mamarazzi. We have a nice Nikon and by the time Cailyn was about 4 mos old she knew to smile when it came out

  10. I'm definitely a mamarazzi! I love taking photos of my baby girl and capturing all those adorable moments on camera!

  11. I love taking pictures of my boys although getting the 12 yr old to smile is another thing lol..but I do love taking pictures of my kids. I love your pics.

    Come and visit my blog if you'd like. Stopping by from Mom's Do It Better.