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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Hunkering Down Activities

As many of you know, South Florida has been under a hurricane warning all day. This means we are stuck inside ALL day and all night with a very active 17 month old...

After some quick thinking and running around the house to gather some supplies, I came up with three activities that helped us all pass time.

1. Bake Cookies (Morning Activity)- 

I had B sit in his booster seat next to me as I read the cookie directions out load and had him watch me follow every step. As I grabbed an egg, he also got a you egg. We mixed and measured together and of course licked the yummy batter together. As the cookies baked, I kept the oven light own for him to watch the cookies bake.

2. Contact Paper Art (Afternoon Activity)- 
While B was napping I set this up.

You will need:
-Clear contact paper (purchase at a craft store, Target or Walmart)
-Colored construction paper
-Scrapbook 1 inch hole punch
-Ribbon (optional)

Using ribbon, I divided the large piece of contact paper into for sections, so it looked like a window. I then cut each piece of colored construction paper into different shapes. When B woke up, I let him first explore the sticky paper with his fingers and then showed him what to do with the colored paper by placing a few pieces in each divided section for him. After that, he was off a running. His masterpiece is now hanging proudly in the playroom!

3. Flashlight Fun (Evening Activity)- 

Since the flashlights were all out incase we lost electricity, I decided to make a game out of it for Bradley. First, I just allowed him to play and explore with them on his own. He turned them on and off, waived them all around, and so much more... Then, I took over and showed him how to shine the light on the wall to see the how light forms circles. We played a game of chase the circle and he had to touch the circle every time he saw it. Then we played shadows. Lastly, B also stacked his colorful blocks that we shining light on to.

Variations- If you do not have the colored stacking blocks that you see pictured, don't worry, just make them yourself. Use an empty tissue box or shoebox and some colored cellophane. :)

Share with us some of the WONDERful activities you did with your LOs to help pass time during this nasty storm...

Most importantly, STAY SAFE!!! 

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