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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Review- Deliver Lean

Are you a mom that feels you never have time to take care of yourself? Or are you just trying to shed those last few pounds since your baby was born? To all the mommy's on the go... look no further, here is a healthy alternative to delivery service...DeliverLean. I promise you, this is not your typical chinese or pizza delivery. 



For the review, I received 2 complete days of food: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It all came in an insulated bag to ensure that the food was kept fresh. Upon delivery I had to notify them of food allergies and up to 3 foods I did not like. I love how each meal had an easy to read description of the food as well as all the calories, fat and protein described on the front of the tubberware. 

DeliverLean is the perfect complement to today's busy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just eat a healthy balanced diet, DeliverLean offers a flawless combination of healthy perfectly portioned meals that taste great, combined with a white-glove service - hand delivery to your home or office.

Photo: 7/2/2012 - Traditional Menu
Weekly Menu Sample 

"They offer five different meal plans that include traditional, organic, paleo, gluten-free and HCG. The DeliverLean Programs consist mainly of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Each meal is always meticulously measured, calorie counted, and prepared fresh for you daily; leaving you with only two obligations – eat & enjoy.

The best part about their program is the fact that they give you options. They give each of their client’s access to their own personal nutritional liaison, to customize the meal plan of their choice, in order to meet their own individual likes, dislikes, and any other nutritional needs. Whatever your goal may be, your nutritional liaison will do whatever they can to make sure you accomplish it. Weight-loss, weight-gain, or just improvement of overall health in general; they will help you every step of the way by eliminating all of the planning, prepping, and guesswork."

Photo: Have you seen our DeliverLean Vans around town? We now have 16 vehicles in our fleet covering Jupiter all the way down to Kendall! Thank you to all of our clients for their continued support! Let's keep South Florida Healthy!


 -If you sign up for 1 month of food, you will get 2 days of free food and delivery. 
Use discount code: MBDL89.

Make sure to contact if you are interested in Deliver Lean or have any questions about the food/service.

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