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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Tres Amigos Playdate- Upcycled Birthday Party

When we realized that both Jessica and Gina had weddings to attend on the day of Bradley's Birthday Party, we were all so disappointed. After going through so much together during pregnancies, baby showers and births, it was a huge disappointment to all of us that they were not able to share in the excitement of Bradley turning one. When I realized it was my turn to host the next playdate, I decided to to plan a recycled birthday party theme for the week after his real birthday party. My goal was to re-create the Cookies and Milk/Cookie Monster theme through left over supplies from his party.

When I set the buffet table, I made sure to use many of the same items I saved from Bradley's party. I hang the Happy Birthday Bradley sign, that was made by my friend Heather at I used the extra table clothes that we had left over from that party and made sure to display the Letter B that I made from cookie crisp cereal.  I also had extra got milk mini cups and straws so made sure to have vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milk. Then, I served bagels with egg, tuna and chicken salad as well as fruit and snacks for the kiddies. For dessert we of course had an assortment of COOKIES. Lastly, I made sure to save Mason and Luke the party favors which included the music clappers, Cookie Monster cake pops, and the got milk? Magic Straws .


Activity 1: Monster Straw Art

You will need:
Washable Colored Paint
White Card Stock Paper
Googley Eyes (assortment of sizes)

Since I had tons of left over barbershop striped paper straws from his party, I wanted to make sure we used them for an activity. First, we took globs of paint and placed them on white card stock paper, then we used the straws to blow the paint around to make unique splattered designs. To incorporate the theme of cookie monster and his googly eyes, we placed different size googly eyes on each glob of paint to create friendly monsters. We all loved our finished product!

Activity 2: Recycled Fill and Spill Bank

You will need:
Empty Oatmeal Container or Baby Formula Container
Colored Card Stock Paper
Hot Glue Gun

Ribbon (optional)
Stickers (optional)

Empty tops of baby jars (used as coins)

In sticking with the idea of recycled materials around the house, we made a fun toy for the babies to practice their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. First we used a scissors to cut a slit on top of the container. (Depending on the age of each child, depends on the length and width of the slit you make.) Make sure you can place a baby jar top nicely inside without difficulty. Next, we glued card stock around the outside of the container and glued stickers and ribbon that was left over from the birthday party around the perimeter of the container for decoration. At around 8-12 months of age, kids start to love filling and spilling objects, this activity is perfect for that.

Looking forward to our next playdate at Gina's! 


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  3. Love the monster art straw! I think I should do that with my kiddo, I did that as a kid and it was a lot of fun. dropping by from finding new friends hops.

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