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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Product Review: The Bibbitec- The Multi-Tasking Super Bib

The strength of a Superhero, the adaptability of a Supermom! 

I had a great afternoon at the "It's a Baby and Family Expo" this past weekend. I chatted with so many different creators of awesome baby products. One of which in particular was Bibbitec. As I stood and  watched a demonstration on how it works, I was in awe...

We use to call my son Pirma-bib because he had such bad acid reflux and would spit up numerous times after a bottle. I use to run to the baby store to buy packages of 10 colored bibs a month because of course, he needed them to match every outfit. Needless to say, every burp cloth and bib was ruined by spit up. I came up with solution to tie-die everything to hide the nasty stains and then still be able to use them... but that only worked for so long.

As Bradley got older and started to out grow his reflux, he started to eat more solids and he hated wearing bibs. Within 5 seconds he would be ripping it off and thus staining everything he wore. Many times for dinner, I would just strip him down to his diaper to eat because I knew it was bath time after. 

All I could think about when watching the demonstrations was, why I didn't know about the Bibbitec sooner? The bib is a patented, multi-tasking super bib that serves as the catch all in your diaper bag and at home, delivering cleanliness and ease in a single bound. Bibbitec’s is easy-to-use, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, fast-drying, soft, lightweight, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, UV protected and the list goes on and on.

Best of all, it can be used as numerous things such as a non-toxic burp cloth – changing pad – breast-feeding shield – full body bib – placemat – breathable stroller blanket – art smock – “lapkin” and apron. Bibbitec is one product that will last for five years. The specifically engineered material does not shrink or lose its quality because the goods are in the thread! 

So, I put the product to the test the minute I got home from the Expo... Not only did Bradley allow me to put it on him without a fight, it also covered his entire body, which I always seem to have had a problem with when he wore a regular bib, his shirt would stay clean but all the food that he dropped would land on his shorts. This literally was a full body bib. After dinner, I took a wipey and brushed everything off (or you can machine wash and dry it when necessary) and it was just like new again! AMAZING!!! I'm so in love with this bib and wish I knew about it sooner. I will never use another ordinary bib again! 

To all the superhero moms out there.. this is definitely a must!

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