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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Product Review: The Little Looster

Pottynomics- The average toddler uses around 180-200 diapers per month, if you speed potty training up by 2-5 months this means 400-1000 diapers less per kid is going into landfills. 
The Little Looster was invented by Monica Mylet a mother of 3. While raising her 3 kids she identified the need for a design in step stools for the big potty. The result is the Little Looster a horse shoe shaped plastic step stool that slides up against the front of the toilet. It's patented design provides the optimal leg position and support for little ones from the onset of potty training up until their little legs reach the floor. 

Although my one year old son is still too young to be potty trained, I knew I had many family and friends that would help me review the Little Looster. When my package first arrived, I was a little taken back by the large size but my son seemed to enjoy climbing all over it and using it as a drum.  

All joking aside, I had my neighbor take the Little Looster first because she had just finished potty training her 3 year old son, but he was still having trouble pooping on the toilet. Her goal was to have the Little Looster help since the stool he had in his bathroom was much shorter. She placed the the LIttle Looster in their downstairs powder room which is significantly smaller then her sons bathroom. She felt that it was definitely helpful for him learning how to go poop on the toilet, but it was difficult for him to move it out of the way for when he had to pee. My neighbor felt that it would be much better for girls or more helpful if it was placed in a bigger bathroom. She did agree that it was something that could be used for the next few years, until her son was able to touch the floor.

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  1. that's a pretty great design! I'll definitely thing about it when B gets to that time. T is all good without one now. I tagged you!

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