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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Dollar Store Deal of the Day: Draw on the Wall

I just had to share my Dollar Store deal of the day...

As I was leaving the Dollar Tree today I noticed a roll of brown postal wrapping paper (looks like butcher paper) and thought it would be WONDERful to roll out and have my son color all over it. But once I got home I decided to change up my idea... I ended up using double sided tape and taped it to the blank wall in his little "baby cave." It was a huge success especially since there was texture on the wall which made a nice effect when he colored. I also gave him stickers to place all over the paper. This mural masterpiece will be something he can work on for weeks. My plan is to continue by using different art medians like dot markers, paint, chalk, etc...

My husband and I both had fun coloring too. We drew pictures of some of my sons favorite words he currently says like a fish, cookie and house, then we wrote the words below the pictures. The teachable moments are endless. 

Share with us some of your butcher paper art ideas. 

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