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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product Review: Hoodebaby: Warmwear and Rainwear

With summer just approaching and rainy season in full force here in Florida, you’ll love the new line of Rainwear by Hoodebaby

Hoodebaby is a hooded blanket that simplifies life for parent on the move. Just slip on the hood, wrap up your baby and GO... 

The most WONDERful part is that there are no buttons, zippers or snaps to wrestle with. It is made from BPA and lead- free laminated cotton and cotton flannel. All of the fabrics are stylish and fun for every child, unlike the boring yellow raincoats I always remember wearing as a kid. 

 It took my son a few days to finally allow me to cover his head (he hates hats) and use the Hoodebaby Rainwear to its fullest potential... 

After that, all he wanted to do was walk and crawl around the house with it like it was a fun toy, he especially loved the reaction from the dog. 

This is definitely a functional and convenient new look for coats! I look forward to using mine a lot this rainy season!!! 

Make sure to look out for their cozy and comfy line of Warmwear by Hoodebaby.  

Shop Hoodebaby and simplify your life:

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