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Friday, June 8, 2012

Do you know the MUFFIN Pan?

It is truly amazing how much my 15 month old inspires my creativity! 

After visiting The Dollar Store a few days ago and buying a tin muffin tray for Bradley to use for sorting, he decided to take it upon himself to start placing all of his goldfish in one of the sections, thus, my snack tray idea was created. 

Next time, I might try labeling each section with numbers or even pictures of food groups. You can also use one of the sections to hold a sippy cup! 

Bradley's Top 6 snacks: whole grain goldfish, chopped up tomatoes, cut up watermelon, natural peanut butter snack packs, organic american cheese cut into small pieces and veggie straws.

  After sharing this idea on my Wonder Mommies Group Page, I received tons on responses on how great this ideas was, so I decided to do some research...

As you can imagine, the ideas are endless: 

I learned that one friend uses tin muffin trays for her son who is a very picky eater. They call it 'surprise dinner' and he gets really excited to see what is in each cup!

I also found a WONDERful site Muffin Tin Mom. Her ideas and themes are priceless!!! 

How about tin muffin trays for CRAFTS??
Pinned Image
Craft Caddy
Crayon Molds

Paint Palette

Magnetic Science


you know the MUFFIN Pan?
Leave a BLOG post sharing your inspiring ideas !!! 


  1. If you are making jewelry, you can out different beads in each cup.

  2. what great ideas!! I received a muffin pan as an engagement gift and have felt guilty ever since b/c I never bake. Now I am excited that I have some great ways to use it!! Thanks :)

  3. I love that! I'll have to try and find some at my local dollar store. Now if I could get one with lids for traveling instead of having multiple snack cups.