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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blogivesary GIVEAWAY: bibbitec- the ultimate bib made in the USA

My go-to bib for all occasions. I literally don't leave home without the bibbitec. I'm so proud of Susie, the creator! She was just seen on Shark Tank last week and although she didn't make a deal-the enormous response has been WONDERful. She was also on Diane Sawyers- Made in America. The exposure bibbitec is getting is amazing.

Their bibs are full coverage so that kids are protected from mess all day, and you’re protected from extra work and excess laundry. They're specially engineered material is designed to wipe clean and dry instantly with no stains and no trace of an odor which will allow you to use one bib all day long and for multiple uses. I've used it as an art smock during too. What are some ways you would use this bib?

PS- Check out the cutest MODEL ever...

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  1. As a mom with a son who had severe acid reflux- I was going thru cheap bibs daily, this bib would have saved my life with its amazingly engineered material.

  2. I have twin babies.. one who seems to always find a way to get messy.. this is perfect!

  3. I think Wonder Mommy is wonderful. :)

  4. I love this bib and have to have one! Dominic is the messiest eater ever, always covered in food, this will save me tons of ruined clothes.

  5. For everything from eating to painting