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Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to make a "Quiet Book" Project

After attending the amazing Wonder Mommy Busy Bag Exchange I was inspired to create a "quiet book" for my 17 month old as a holiday present! After many many hours of hard work its finally complete and I wanted to share it with all of you Wonder Mommies. Many of the templates were found online and were easy to follow (more info below). If you prefer not to make an entire book, making one page at a time would be a great project for you and your toddler to do together! Happy creating! 
-- Jessica G. 

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The cover has a full zipper to help keep any small pieces from getting lost and handles to help carry. The inside of the cover has a large pocket for extra small toys or even a pad of paper and crayons.

Farm doors open to 3 farm animal finger puppets that are housed in a pocket behind the barn doors.
Gumball machine teaches colors and how to use a snap. 
Counting 1-10! Beads on each string help little ones learn how to count. 
Telling Time! A brad allows the hands to move around the clock. 
Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head. There is an opening on the side of his body so the pieces can be stored inside. 
Race Car Track. The garage is open on the left side and is large enough to hold a matchbox size car. 
Baseball Mitt. Toddlers can practice putting their hands in and out of the glove. 
Learn how to mail a letter. The front flap of the mailbox opens and the envelopes fit inside. Secret messages can also be put inot the envelopes. Mailbox flag moves with a brad. Ribbon has been attached to the envelpes so that they don't get lost. 
The 4 Seasons. Fall leaves can velcro on and off. Learn how the trees change in summer (green leaves), spring (flowers), winter (tree is bare) and fall. 
Noah's Arc has a zipper that can store small animals or bugs and lizards. 
Learn shapes, colors and how to use a button.
Learn how to button, buckle, etc.. 
Tie the shoes. WONDERful way for preschoolers to practice tying their shoes.


Shopping List: 

4 - black
2 - grey
3 - brown
3 - white
3 - tan
4 - light blue
2 - blue
3 - green
1 - light green
4 - red
2 - yellow
1 - orange
1 - purple
1 - pink
1 - teal

1 - small zipper about 7 inches long (noah's arc)
1 - 36 inch zipper for outer cover
6 - snaps (gum ball machine)
1 package of velcro circles (15 come in a pack)
puffy paint (any color for writing and numbers)
Pack of colored buttons (about 5 or 6)
1 yard of fabric for cover and small about of quilters batting to cushion it
1 yard of ribbon about 1 inch think (counting beads page)
1 yard thin ribbon (counting beads page)

All items can be found at Joann's Fabrics.


Thank you so much to all of the blogs that shared their templates, please see below. Also, the background pages I cut to 10 x 9 and then used 3 metal rings to put them together before I attached them to the cover.

Please share with us your WONDERful creations! 

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